When should you start your HypnoBirthing class?

Ideally sometime in your second trimester is the best time to start your HypnoBirthing. You'll learn tools and techniques in class and have plenty of time for home practice, before your sweet baby is born! You say, "practice? How much time am I going to have to spend doing that?” Yes, you will practice, but you will love the calm time spent relaxing and connecting with your companion and your baby! The exercises that we do in class are made stronger with practice over time. They become second nature, and you'll easily find your groove, when the big day arrives! Some of the practices are only moments long, and some of them take about 15 minutes or so. Some of them you’ll do on your own, and some of them you’ll practice with your partner. Some of it will be simply listening to an audio recording that is so relaxing and helps with releasing fears and building confidence. Your partner may read scripts to you and do other physical practices. This is all creating a more connected and supported experience as well. Connecting with your companion and with Your Baby! So register for your class soon, get your book and other materials, and let’s get going! All with the goal of having a calm, confident & empowered birthing experience for you, your baby and your birth companion!