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About your instructor ~ Tiffany Timmins, HBCE, C.H.

I am a HypnoBirthing® practitioner and HypnoBirthing® Mom.  It was the beautiful  birthing experience of my second child, using HypnoBirthing, that inspired me to teach and share HypnoBirthing® with other pregnant women and their families.  My clients’ success has shown me that all pregnant women and their companions benefit from the amazing tools and easy-to-learn techniques taught in my HypnoBirthing® classes. 

I am a Certified Consulting Hypnotist associated with the National Guild of Hypnotists, the World’s premier professional organization.  Hypnosis is a wonderful process of relaxation, release, visualization, achievement and freedom that I utilize to help many of my clients to overcome distressing fears, unwanted behaviors and past traumas.  Additionally, I use hypnosis to help individuals visualize and achieve their goals and aspirations, by eliminating barriers to their success.  As confidence, productive thought, motivation and commitment increase, the road to achieving their goal becomes easy and smooth.   

Additionally, I hold a Bachelor's degree in Business Management.  Prior to working in the birth and hypnosis world, I worked for 15 years in the Automotive Industry in inside sales, marketing and office management.  Running parallel, I developed and own an online resale company.  My business background included understanding organization, website creation and administrative functions, so I was well prepared for an easy transition into starting and running Birthing By Calm HypnoBirthing and The Root Hypnosis. 

My path has guided me here to teach, assist, and support you as you achieve your goals with confidence. Whether your  goal is to birth your  baby in a calm, confident and empowered manner; to release fears; to achieve your goals and dreams; to lose weight; to finally quit smoking; or to simply relieve the stresses of everyday life, I have lived it and have the skills to say, "I did it, and so can you!"  Together, we will travel the path together to enlightenment.  So let's get going!