HypnoBirthing®  Complete Childbirth Education

THURSDAY Evenings - 6:30-9:00

SUNDAY Mornings      - 10:30-1:00

11111 Hall Road       Ste. 15                  Utica, MI 48317


This course will prepare you and your birth companion for your birthing day.  HypnoBirthing® uses special breathing, deep relaxation, visualization, and meditative practices, along with education on nutrition and body toning, to foster confidence and comfort in the birthing process. 

This course consists of five, two-and-a-half hour sessions, and it also includes your book, audio download for home practice, a tote from Birthing By Calm HypnoBirthing, and class handouts. 

Course Fee: $355.00


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**Once you sign up, I will contact you to arrange any pick up of materials and to basically chat with you for a few minutes!!  Thanks for signing up for a Birthing By Calm HypnoBirthing course, and I look forward to having you, your baby, and your birth companion in class!!  Tiffany

HypnoBirthing® Presentation   7:00-8:00

1st Wednesday of the month

Birthing By Calm HypnoBirthing  11111 Hall Rd. Ste. 15 Utica, MI 48317




Have you heard of HypnoBirthing®  and want to learn more about all of the great benefits it can have on you, your baby, and your birth companion?  Then come to an informative, interactive and free Birthing By Calm event and see how HypnoBirthing® can make your birthing experience a calm and joyful one!

No need to register.  See you there!